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The Zero Hunger Initiative- 2023

This initiative aims to alleviate hunger and improve the nutritional status as well as  cognitive development of the pupils at Hour of Grace School Complex through a  comprehensive nutrition programme sponsored by H.O.P.E for Tomorrow

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The Mother-MUAC Initiative for Malnutrition Reduction (MMIMR-2023)

Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) measurement, a simple and effective tool for assessing nutritional status in children, will be utilized as a cornerstone for this project. By equipping mothers with the knowledge and tools they need, this project aims to reduce child malnutrition, promote  early intervention, and enhance community-based healthcare in Ghana

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FOOD SECURITY THREATS AND MALNUTRITION: An Assessment Exercise at Igbo (Ada Foah)

“Food and nutrition insecurity can be experienced in several dimensions. The fundamental importance of sanitation in fighting malnutrition can never be overemphasized. The stunting suffered by children in this community is not only due to lack of nutritious food. Even with the little they get, the constant ambush of germs and bacteria from the environment may force their bodies to divert energy and nutrients away from growth and brain development to prioritize infection-fighting survival.”



“There were 82 children seen from Bunjai and Jantong collectively. The number of children seen in Bunjai were 40 and that of Jantong were 42. The mean age of children was 17.94 months, SD 12.45 months. There were a total of 43 males and 39 females. Majority of the mothers in this sample were married (80, 98%) and had never attended school (54, 66%). Additionally, majority were farmers (36, 44%).


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